How well do you know the global development facts?

A while ago, The Bright Continent paid tribute to Hans Rosling, a statistics ‘whizkid’ who passed away last year.


Aside from his research on public health and inexplicable diseases, Rosling appeared to be a statistical ‘whizkid’ who was able to create amazing animations out of complex digits and maths. He used those graphical animations during his notorious TED-talks, wherein he emphasized that the African continent is not falling behind as far as western countries assume. [….] Assisted by his unraveled statistics, simple explanations and compelling speeches, he underlined how the African continent clambered out of the Middle Ages and has approached Europe’s level of development up to a ‘miserable’ 100 years.

Next to his convincing and compelling speeches concerning recent developments in sub-Saharan Africa, dr. Rosling has created the so-called ‘Gapminder test’. A short multiple choice exam (12 questions), that tests your statistical and fact-based knowledge concerning the (economic) developments globally, and in Africa.

The test sounds easy, but is fairly difficult and we are curious how well our readers know their facts concerning global developments and poverty reduction. Follow the LINK, and give it a try.