What can the world learn from Africa?

Throughout last week, we repeatedly asked our online community to answer the question as seen in the title of this article: ‘What can the world learn from Africa?’ We decided that a crowdsourced article, answering to that question, would perfectly fit the launch of our newly designed website.


Many of you shared some thoughts that contributed to this piece, for which we are grateful. Thank you, and make sure to have a look around at this online platform. Feel free to share your thoughts, critics and ideas through email or one of our social media channels.


There was one highly motivated person who fiercely shared ‘Everything!!’ as answer to our question. Perhaps not entirely true, but such a passionate answer underlines the contemporary spirit on the continent if you ask us.


Many of our online followers named culture as one of Africa’s strongholds, the world can learn from. As the cradle of mankind and with its cultural diversity, Africa is filled with traditional richness, that is widely respected and appreciated. Already, the rest of the world thankfully enjoys Africa’s culture through its food, dance, fashion and music. But there is much more to discover.


In line with its cultural diversity, many named the Africa’s diversity as its strength. Through respect, unity and a community-driven society, most ethnicities and cultures live in harmony and mutually respect one another’s traditions.


Due to its struggle for freedom, frequently violent history and quest for increased welfare, many parts of Africa are admirably resilient.  ‘How to be strong’, one shared with us. While the other told us that the world can take Africa’s preservation as an example.


In line with Africa’s resilience, people shared with us that Africans ‘know how to smile no matter what.’ Africa can show the world joy of life and ‘how to laugh more easily’. Further, some of you pointed out that – As Africans do – the world should be more grateful for the little things in life.


Many of you, pointed out the kindness of most people in Africa. Words that described what the world can learn from Africa’s kindness are: Hospitality, religious tolerance, respect for elders, friendliness, selflessness and humility.


Last but not least, several of our befriended followers mentioned rhythm, proper dancing and partying as something the world can learn from Africans. We couldn’t agree more.