Stand up for the future of South Sudan

By: Anataban 

Through their #WaashJunub campaign, Anataban is asking its fellow citizens to stand up for peace, prosperity and the future of South Sudan. Anataban  – which means ‘I am tired’ – is community of young South Sudanese creatives who are tired of seeing their people suffer. Possibly inspired by the uprise in Sudan, they are campaigning for the South Sudanese population to take matters in their own hands. The 9th July, the anniversary of South Sudanese Independence, is approaching rapidly and after eight years of suffering, they are asking their fellow countrymen and -women to step up and put an end to the misery in world’s youngest nation.

The official call for action, published by Anataban on social media:

Junubin, our beloved country continues to face many obstacles in our journey to peace, justice and prosperity. The peace agreement is signed, but as the pre-transitional period clock counts down, the citizens continue to suffer as we wait for the peace to be fully realized. We cannot just wait and watch, we must take it upon ourselves to define our destiny. The past years have painted a face of South Sudan that depicts suffering, pain and hardship – We as a people have endured too much.

Yet, it is time that the everyday citizens of South Sudan stand up and take responsibility for the future of our nation. We all have our own power to affect the changes we want to see, the face of Junub can change through all of our collective efforts. What do you want to see? What can you contribute?

As we near to July 9th, the anniversary of our hard-won Independence, let us remember what that felt like in 2011. Let us embrace our patriotism, our love for our country and direct that energy into something powerful for South Sudan. Together we can transform the face of South Sudan.

#Gumna #BelednaAwel #SouthSudanIsWatching #WaashJunub

The suffering has to end.

The day has come, according to Anataban.

South Sudan can be changed by its citizens.