‘It is dangerous but I enjoy it’

By: Nipah Dennis at Lake Volta, Ghana

Enoch enjoys diving. He and his father are the only divers found at the Volta Lake, formed from the Akosombo Dam. The lake has a surface area of about 8,502 square kilometers (3,283 sq. mi) stretching from the southern part of Ghana to the northern. This makes it the largest manmade lake in the world.

Enoch started diving at twelve and has been enjoying it for the past eight years. He does underwater construction, rescues people and recovers canoe motors. “The toughest job I ever did was when I had to recover about 30 drown people. It was sad and I couldn’t sleep well after.”

Most people assume that a community living close to a water body, consists of fisherman only. Yet there are other interesting jobs and live purposes within these areas that are left undocumented and unknown. Just like the story of Enoch and his father, that is left untold. This project aspires to introduce and educate the audience on different lives in a fishers village.