Exhibition: “Nyɜ KɛWɔ”

By: Mel Arthur

Nyɜ   Contemporary Photography Exhibition

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.”-Marc Jacobs

As a contemporary Ghanaian photographer exploring the essence of fashion in our lives, Mel Arthur presents “Nyɜ KɛWɔ”, as his debut photography exhibition as a solo artist. In “Nyɜ Kɛ Wɔ” which means Yesterday and tomorrow in his native tongue ‘Ga’, he juxtaposes the relationship between 90’s, 2000’s fashion trends and today’s era.

Taking inspiration from the women in his family who raised him the exhibition showcases his specialty as an artist who documents youth culture and the themes that influences it.

Growing up and watching these women dress-up to various social events had a lasting impression on him as an artist. He uses the medium of photography to recreate some of their iconic looks which gives a sense of nostalgia to the observer.

“My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother were the people I looked up to while growing up and their style fascinated my young mind a lot. Interestingly, I borrowed their clothes to construct the new identities you’ll be seeing” Mel said.

Other major influences include the late Suzzy Williams, a Marilyn Monroe-sque Ghanaian actress who was not afraid to express herself through fashion, sultry and sassy Mzbel and other male pop-stars. He captures today’s fashion which is heavily influenced by 2-Pac, P-Diddy and ‘Returnee’ uncles from Hamburg and the Bronx who wore baggy clothing, knock-off jewelry and beanie hats with swag and panache.

“Basically the whole exhibition is to highlight the old fashion trends of our parents and how we are as a new generation is carrying on the baton unknowingly. Our style is more accessorized to meet modern tastes but the foundation of our aesthetics is borrowed heavily from the adults in our life. In short, we are our parent’s children” he points out.

Second Exhibition starts from the 26th to the 30th August




Ariasville, Airport Residential