'A single bracelet does not jingle'
  • Chris Mukasa

    Chris Mukasa is the founder of Fatuma’s Voice, a community organization that encourages expression by creating safe spaces for people to speak about social issues, using art, poetry, music, debates and theatre.

  • Daaf Borren

    Daaf Borren is an Africa journalist and founder of The Bright Continent. Aside from his work as editor-in-chief for this platform, he works freelance for a wide range of media. Among others, he specializes in China-Africa relations.

  • Etinosa Osayimwen

    Etinosa Osayimwen is an award-winning photographer, living in Nigeria. She is passionate about the plight of people living in rural and undeserved communities as they are visibly neglected and forgotten.

  • Frederik Rutgers

    Frederik is a passionate communications specialist, who is determined to fulfil a significant role in our globalizing society. For The Bright Continent, he will mainly deal with global communications, in order to create a stage for a fair and comprehensive perception of the African continent.

  • Jacøb Ekaineck

    Jacøb (21) is a creative director from South-West Cameroon who enables you to look differently at a mighty and moving continent. Through his eyes, Africa becomes more colourful, compelling and bright.